Bamboo Fiber Bread Box with Cutting Board

Bamboo Fiber Bread Box with Cutting Board

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Size: 15.75"W x 9"D  x 5"H
Color: Blue
For most of us, storing bread means keeping it in the plastic bag we bought it in. And while that might be convenient, it can actually shorten the lifespan of your bread. The airtight seal leads to condensation, which can quickly cause mold.  We opted for a loose-fitting lid, which allows airflow into the box! This helps reduce the buildup of condensation, delaying mold growth. The lid doubles as a cutting board! Made with grooved crumb catchers, it keeps mess to minimum.
It’s an eco-friendly, renewable resource that’s both non-toxic and lightweight, and because it’s dishwasher-safe (box only), cleanup and maintenance couldn’t be easier. 

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