About Us

Truffle Toast Home brings you food, wine and home accessories that are true to the originals, which have been used and refined over generations in the "terroirs" they are coming from. 
But we also review them with our extended team of gourmet designers and listen to your feedback in order to keep improving them and ensure you can enjoy them as much as we do.


Truffle Toast Home is an American-based company with strong European roots, providing a selection of distinctive and exclusive wine and specialty food accessories. We are not only wine and specialty food lovers, but design-enthusiast and quality-focused: we only propose products that we have enjoyed for years at our homes, continuously improved and tested extensively.

Our founders have always loved wines and specialty foods, their stories, the people who produce them, the places they come from, so they decided to follow their passion and make it a business.

They lived in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and the US and they combine decades of formal training and on-the-field experience in wine tasting, cooking, design, business management, marketing and innovation.

The idea for Truffle Toast Home came during one of their yearly trips to the Alba region in Italy, where they spend time every year during the White Truffle season, enjoying this unique product with some of the best wines coming from the area.

So every year they travel around the world to wine domains and fine food regions, in order to find the best tools and accessories used by the people who have prepared them and experienced them for hundreds of years; they also visit successful chefs and sommeliers to understand how to keep improving them with best innovation, materials and modern design.